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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Celebrating the Liturgical Year!

"Families who observe the feasts with joyful home celebrations based on the religious thoughts of the season, will certainly never have to complain that their youngsters find home life dull or uninteresting.  The modern trend of seeking shallow amusements outside the home is mostly due to the ignorance and inability of parents who forgot(or never knew) how to mold the lives of their children in the spirit of Christian tradition with all its happy customs inspired by holy liturgy."  from The Year of the Lord in the  Christian Home by Rev. F.X. Weiser

How very inspirational Father Weiser's words are to all of us!  We have been given rich traditions by our family's heritage and our rich faith traditions.  They may seem trivial at times or too much extra 'work', but these are the things that your children will remember and hopefully pass on to the next generation.  While passing on these traditions we are also passing on prayers and devotions to increase their love of our Lord!  Our Advent season is full of tradition as we anticipate the coming Nativity of the Lord.  Let us use this Advent as a time of preparation and penance!  

Praying Over My To-Do List
I sit here with my list, Lord, and I know I need help finding a balance. I am so looking forward to Christmas Day, with the family here, the company, the wonderful celebration. But, Lord, there is SO much to do!  When will it all get done?  How will I maintain any semblance of inner peace in this "peaceful" season?
I think, Lord, that I need some balance in my life. I feel so torn between wanting to cook and fill my house with wonderful welcoming smells, and wanting to finish decorating the house. I have shopping to do, the house to clean and cards to write and mail.  When?  How?
Help me, guide me, Lord. Help me to set priorities around doing those things that will bring me closer to you. Maybe my house really is clean enough, or maybe I can ask my family for help. Can the cards wait until a quiet afternoon after Christmas?  Can my house decorations be simpler?  Is there more than a little ego involved when I want so desperately to have my house "magazine perfect" for the holidays?
Help me rediscover the joy of simplicity, Lord. Help me to remember what I am celebrating. Help me to find it in my heart to call out, "Come, Lord Jesus."


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