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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Advent Blessings!

Working in the Kitchen During Advent

What joy this brings me, Lord. Thank you for guiding me into the kitchen
for some time of silence with you. The room fills with wonderful smells and I
share tastes and samples with my family as they make extra trips through the
kitchen on days like this. Thank you for each and every one of these special
people in my family. They are like the ingredients of my own life, adding spice
and heat and wonderful flavor and melding together into a unique dish designed
to glorify you.

You know, God, cooking is quite a bit like my life. It's messy, I get
careless and sometimes things don't turn out as I had planned. But in the mess
of my life, that's where I can turn to you. Help me when I have to deal with
being so imperfect. Bless me with humility when I grapple with my own poverty.
Let me feel how deeply you love me, even when all I have to offer is scorched
and humble.

Be with me Lord, in this kitchen today. Help me to take the time in this
intimate silence with you, to pray for each person who will eat this food.
Allow me to remember all of those around the world who have so little food, and
bless those who share what little they have.

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